Leader as Coach Program

Leader as Coach Program

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Leadership Development Program for Managers and Leaders

This online Leadership Development Program is designed for people leaders who want to become skilful at bringing out the best in themselves, and others, using the coach approach to leadership.

When coaching skills are applied by leaders, outcomes such as strong and positive relationships, enhanced communication, amplified motivation and increased self-reliance for individuals and teams is achieved.

Who is this program for?

  • Leaders and managers who wish to strengthen their leadership performance 
  • New and emerging leaders motivated to build their leadership capabilities
  • Individuals inspired to empower others to achieve their goals

Benefits of applying the coach approach in the workplace:

  • Increases creativity, innovation, learning and knowledge
  • Facilitates fuller use of individual strengths and talents
  • Enhances communication and collaboration
  • Amplifies motivation and develops self-reliance
  • Strengthens employee engagement resulting in higher retention rates
  • Supports organisational culture shifts
  • Develops empowered decision-making
  • Increases performance and productivity

Delivery of the program is through a combination of:

  • Four online learning modules
  • Fieldwork for implementing learning
  • Reflective practice to embed learning
  • Ten Fortnightly online individual coaching sessions to support leaders

Highly effective leaders know themselves well; they are aware of their core values, strengths, perspectives, beliefs and motivations. Elevating self-awareness and emotional intelligence directly impacts a leader's ability to inspire, influence and lead others in authentic and purposeful ways.

Before we can lead others effectively we must be able to lead ourselves. Self-awareness and self-management care key to effective leadership and fulfilment of potential. 

Contact Anna for a complimentary and confidential conversation to discuss leadership development for yourself or within your organisation.