Collection: Mentor Coaching & Coaching Supervision

As a newly educated or experienced coach the benefits of working with a Mentor Coach and/or a Coaching Supervisor is invaluable for your professional coaching practice and your personal wellbeing.

Professional coaches commit to life-long learning and care about the quality of their work with clients. They also understand the importance of reflective practice to continue to raise their own self-awareness and build their capacity to understand themselves and the dynamics of their coaching relationships. 

The Difference Between Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision

Mentor Coaching focuses on the coach understanding and skilfully applying and demonstrating the ICF Core Competencies in their coaching conversations to provide their clients with best value and sustainable outcomes.

Coaching Supervision focuses on building the coach's capacity to see themselves in their coaching relationships, understand and work with particular dynamics and dilemmas, and gain over-sight of their practice in service of them being the very best coach they can be. 

Mentor Coaching 

Individual and group mentor coaching. A mentor coach relationship is one of trust and confidence where the coach gains insight into areas of coaching they may have forgotten about or not previously noticed as important coaching skills.

It provides an opportunity to strengthen your coaching competencies, explore your coaching style, and increase your self-awareness and confidence. 

My purpose as a Mentor Coach is to work with you to ensure you are providing great coaching experiences, outcomes and value for your clients. 

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Coaching Supervision

Together in a safe and confidential space, we engage in reflective dialogue that supports personal and professional improvement and expands your perception, awareness, and presence. 

Our perception is magnified when we engage in deep reflective and reflexive practice. The supervision space is a safe and confidential environment for you to reflect and share your coaching practice experiences and gain enhanced awareness to become even more skilful in the way you work with your clients.

The Coaching Supervision Partnership is a collaborative learning practice to continually build capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coach and clients. It focuses on the development of the coach's capacity by offering a richer and broader opportunity for support and development. 

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    • As Coach Educators

      We prepare coaches with well-developed and practiced coaching skills of a high professional standard to positively influence their relationships, their clients and their communities.


    • ICF Accredited Coaching

      ​Our Coach Education Programme is accredited by the ICF, which is considered the Gold Standard in Coaching. The International Coach Federation pursues excellence in coaching.

    • As Coaches

      We support individuals with increased self-awareness and an amplified ability to lead others with authenticity, transparency and collaboration. Our Coaches are ICF Accredited.

    • Supporting Leaders to Coach

      We support leaders and managers to develop coaching skills for authentic leadership that builds collaborative, connected and innovative workplaces and brings out the best in their people.