About NZ Institute of Coaching

NZIC's coach education program grew out of a passion to provide students with the preparedness, competence and confidence to coach effectively in any area they choose. We work directly and personally with our students, providing a live, online and interactive learning experience. 

Our coaching program empowers and supports coaches to develop increased self-awareness, and to integrate their personal insights and knowledge with coaching skills to transform their own life and the lives of others.

Our ethos of fully supporting clients means we place high importance on the self-development of coaches, and we weave this into our coaching programs to develop aware and evolving coaches who can coach anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Small groups, where trust and rapport are strong, promote and enhance personal development. Learners retain information more effectively with the opportunity to put theory into practice and receive in-the-moment feedback. Because of this, our coach education utilises both theory and hands-on practice in small groups.

Our boutique and personal coaching education produces highly successful coaches

  • Our goal is to support coaches to integrate robust coaching skills with self-awareness to become confident and practiced transformational coaches. 
  • Our focus is on delivering high quality education in a supportive and safe environment with a strong focus on personal development and coaching experiences.
  • Our vision is to promote the coach approach throughout all sectors of business, non-profit and community, to positively impact the lives of individuals and teams.

We offer a distinctive & lasting coaching education experience

Many people who have experienced NZIC's Coaching for Transformation program refer to it as life changing. Friendships and alliances are developed during the program and individuals evolve in many more ways than learning how to coach. The 'coach approach' becomes a part of people's lives and enhances all of their relationships as well as making them skilled coaches.

    NZ Institute of Coaching Values

    • Integrity - demonstrating honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness. 
    • Professionalism - respecting others and delivering our best work. 
    • Purpose - living and working with meaningful intention.
    • Growth - learning from life's experiences. 
    • Personal Development - expanding self-awareness.
    • Wisdom - applying knowledge, experience, and understanding.
    • Courage - stepping up to life's challenges and being true to self.
    • Life-Long Learning - remaining curious to new experiences and thinking.

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