About the NZ Institute of Coaching

NZIC's Coach Training grew out of a passion to provide coach trainees with the preparedness, competence and confidence to coach effectively at the completion of their training.

We work directly with our Coach Trainees, providing an in-person training experience. We are the only ICF Accredited Coaching organisation in New Zealand to deliver Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) fully in person.

Our training empowers and supports coaches to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, and to integrate their personal insights and knowledge with coaching skills to transform their own life and the lives of others.

We believe that a coach can only support their client to the point that they are themselves personally developed, so we place high importance on self-development and weave this into our coach training programs to develop aware and evolving coaches who can coach anyone, anywhere.

Small groups, where trust and rapport is strong, promotes and enhances personal development.  Learners retain information more effectively when they have the opportunity to put theory into practice in the moment - so our coach training utilises both theory and hands-on practice in small groups. 

Our 'boutique' and personal coach training produces highly successful coaches.

  • Our goal is to support coaches to integrate robust coaching skills with self-awareness to become confident and practiced transformational coaches. 
  • Our focus is on delivering high quality training in a supportive and safe environment with a strong focus on personal development and coaching experiences.
  • Our vision is to promote the coach approach throughout all sectors of business, non-profit and community, to positively impact the lives of individuals.

We offer a distinctive and lasting coach training experience. Many people who have trained with NZIC refer to their experience as life changing. Friendships and alliances are developed during the training and individuals evolve in many more ways than learning how to coach. The 'coach approach' we teach becomes a part of people's lives and enhances all of their relationships as well as making them skilled coaches.

    NZ Institute of Coaching Values:

    • Purpose - living intentionally
    • Growth - learning from life's experiences 
    • Empowerment - self-confidence and personal control
    • Wisdom - applying knowledge, experience and understanding
    • Courage - stepping up to life's challenges and being true to self
    • On-Going Learning - remaining curious to new experiences and thinking

    Meet our NZ Institute of Coaching Trainers

    Our trainers are credentialed coaches with the International Coach Federation and our Coach Training Programs are accredited by the ICF, and designed for people who aspire to become confident and successful coaches.

    Anna de Valk, ICF Credentialed Coach, Mentor & Trainer


    Anna has worked with adults as a tutor and group facilitator in a variety of settings since 2003, with the past eight years dedicated to training coaches. As an experienced tutor and facilitator, Anna utilises her knowledge of adult learning and group dynamics to create the optimum conditions for people to grow and develop. She naturally empowers people to believe in themselves and discover what they are capable of.

    First hand experience of entering tertiary education as an adult has provided Anna with a realistic understanding of the complexities of adult learning and development. 

    She is attuned to the challenges of reinventing one's career path and has successfully built up two businesses as a self-employed entrepreneur. She has a calm and centered demeanor with a genuine curiosity and compassion for people. 

    Anna is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

    Julie Sim, ICF Credentialed Coach & Trainer

    Julie brings over ten years of experience as a teacher/trainer, workshop facilitator and individual, team and leadership coach. She is also a life-long learner herself.

    ​Julie has successfully combined her teaching experience with her coach training and broader experience from environments such as project management, engineering, and professional theatres to bring a unique blend of skills and experience to the fore.  

    Julie has a light-hearted, quirky personality with a sense of humour that creates an environment that people feel comfortable to share and engage in.

    Julie is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

    Espie Ford, ICF Credentialed Coach & Trainer

    Espie works with clients with varying backgrounds; from Executives, People Leaders and Individuals.  With a focus on developing strengths, clarity and self-awareness, Espie assists her clients towards attaining their goals and applying meaningful changes that impact how they are being and how they want to show up in life.

    Through exploration and discovery she supports her clients along a path of growth, development and self-discovery, facilitating the design of strategic personalised plans to empower people.

    Espie is experienced in people management and business development within the Software industry.  She is a member of the ICF Australasia Northern Branch Leadership Team.

    Espie is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


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