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Where will an ICF Coaching Certificate take you?

ICF Accredited Coach Training is recognised internationally - it prepares you for success in a wide range of coaching fields, and an ICF Credential adds credibility to you as a Professional Coach. Do you want to become a Life Coach, a Leadership Coach, a Career Coach, or an Executive Coach? Or do you want to bring the 'coach approach' to your existing skill-set and enrich your own leadership and management skills? 

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6 Tips for Building Resilience

1. Learn to trust yourself - self-confidence is a trust in our abilities, qualities and judgement. It's also a belief that we can face challenges and rise above them. Trust that you are capable of overcoming challenges as they arise.2. Create a personal vision - a personal vision provides clarity around our life and work direction, as well as our purpose.  Becoming really clear on our purpose and passion helps navigate the sticky situations because we know there is a bigger picture.3. Practice being flexible and adaptable - responding and adapting to change is a constant. When we accept the world as a place of change we become less resistant to things that are out of our control. Being flexible reduces stress and forms resilience.4. Solve problems proactively -...

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8 Questions to Explore Your Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered what it's all about? or asked yourself what your purpose is in the world? Significant life events such as a change in health or reaching an age milestone can prompt our thinking around our purpose and what gives us meaning. Some people simply know, and always have known, what they're here to do. For others it's not so clear. Just the thought of having a specific purpose in life can seem overwhelming and even down right frightening. What will it mean if I define my life purpose and then change my mind?, how do I find the truth around this question?, will knowing what my life purpose is change me? will it change my relationships? The thing is, life purpose doesn’t have to be extraordinary, life defining, or...

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Are Your Goals Keeping You Stuck?

The very intention of setting goals is to move forward and achieve something we desire or believe will make our lives better in some way. Yet all too often our goals don’t deliver as we expect them to. What starts off as an actionable and achievable goal can quickly turn to stress, pressure or overwhelm. So What’s Not Working? Are we more focused on the end result rather than the adventure? Are we missing the vision and the bigger picture? Are we ignoring what energises and engages us? Are we doing it for reasons that simply aren't our own? Are we hiding the truth from ourselves about what we really want? Are we aligning our goals with who we think we are instead of...

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