Plan for the New Year with Reflection

Plan for the New Year with Reflection

In my work as a coach, I see the positive outcomes in my clients as they focus their attention on what truly matters. This focus leads to increased confidence, personal growth, more satisfaction in life and work, enhanced leadership presence, and greater work-life balance.

Being intentional about where we direct our energy is a valuable practice that involves consciously choosing how and where we invest our time, attention, and efforts.

An intentional approach helps us align with our values, enhance our relationships, cultivate our purpose, and become more effective in achieving our goals.

Here are some guiding questions to help you think about and plan for where, what, and with whom you will focus your energy and time next year. Take some time to reflect on these questions to understand what's important to you and your success. 

My Self

Over the past year:

  • What strengths did I draw on to get through the difficult times and to expand myself in my personal and professional life?
  • Which of my values did I truly live by?
  • What activities developed my confidence?
  • What did I learn about myself that I didn’t know before?

From the above reflections, what do I want to develop more about myself going forward?

My Purpose

Over the past year:

  • What has energised me the most?
  • What inspired me?
  • What did I do that felt in flow (feeling deeply focused and immersed in what you are doing)?
  • What activities aligned with my values the most?

From the above reflections, what do I want to do more of going forward?

 My Network

Over the past year:

  • Who did I enjoy spending the most time with?
  • Who did I learn and grow from the most?
  • Who responded positively to me when I reached out?
  • Who supported me in healthy ways?

From the above reflections, who do I want to spend more time with going forward? 

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