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Coaching Skills for Managers & Leaders - 2 Day Online Workshops

Coaching Skills for Managers & Leaders - 2 Day Online Workshops

ICF Accredited Coaches

Our facilitators are all credentialed coaches with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Online Training Course

This course can be completed remotely, anywhere in the world.

Small Group Training

In alignment with our values and our commitment to deliver quality training, with an emphasis on personal development and coaching experiences, our coach training takes place in small groups for a high level of personal attention. 

Community & Networking

We support our coaches with opportunities to maintain established connections and collaborate with peers for enhanced growth, learning and visibility.

2-Day Online Workshop Equipping Leaders with Essential Coaching Skills 

Supporting managers and leaders to communicate with confidence and build a collaborative, connected and innovative workplace.

Managers and leaders who develop and implement key coaching skills build trust and connection and encourage employee resourcefulness and motivation.

Learning the key elements of coaching is something every leader can do with training and practice. It requires a shift in mindset from the leader to actively listen, be present, ask open-ended questions, respect the confidentiality of the conversation, and support in a non-judgmental and curious way. 

Workplace Culture is heavily informed by the behaviours, beliefs, values, attitudes and interactions of its people leaders. In the current environment where employees are motivated less by remuneration and more by a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilment, coach-like leadership steps up to deliver for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

Online, Live & Interactive Course for Managers, Leaders and Executives 

Offered to individuals and within organisations as an online, live, and interactive workshop over two days designed to meet the needs of leaders, aspiring leaders, executives and managers who want to bring the best of themselves to their leadership role, as well as bringing out the best in others.

Inspire and connect with your team to:

  • Enhance communication and collaboration
  • Develop growth mindsets
  • Increase creativity, innovation, learning and knowledge
  • Promote fuller use of individual strengths and talents
  • Amplify motivation and develop self-reliance
  • Strengthen employee engagement 
  • Support organisational culture shifts
  • Develop empowered decision-making
  • Increase performance and productivity

This workshop offers:

  • Two online, live and interactive workshops
  • Nine hours of group engagement
  • Small discussion and practice-based groups - maximum 8 participants
  • Facilitators who are practicing ICF credentialed coaches
  • Personal attention and real-time feedback 
  • Extensive, specifically designed pre-workshop reading manual
  • Two workbooks with detailed notes and examples 

Topics Covered:

Pre-Workshop Reading Manual:

  • Coaching Mindset
  • Coaching Benefits
  • Difference Between Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting
  • Neuroscience and Coaching 
  • Learning and Systems Models

Workshop One:

  • Active Listening
  • Asking Powerful Questions
  • Key Coaching Conversation Skills
  • Core Values and Strengths

Workshop Two:

  • Partnering in Presence
  • Structured Coaching Conversations 
  • Developing Growth Mindsets
  • Feedback and Difficult Conversations

Dates and Times: 

Public Workshop - June 2024

Online, live, and interactive discussion and practice-based workshops.

: Thursday 20th and Thursday 27th June
Times: 9am - 2.30pm

Investment: $860.00 (ex GST) per person.

For Organisations

Dates and times are arranged to suit your organisation.

Weekdays 9:00am - 2:30pm - TBA with the organisation.

Workshops are a week apart to provide time for practice and reflection.


Group workshops are offered for organisations with a minimum of 4 participants.

$860.00 (+ GST) per person.

Discounts apply for organisations with more than 6 participants.

A 15% discount applies to community groups.

Contact Anna to learn more and register.

Feedback from previous workshops:

"Fantastic! Really valuable, great value for money and awesome facilitators!" - Audrie

"The programme provided solid grounding and theory behind new practical approaches and methods in coaching my team in addition to validation of things I've been doing intuitively. Anna & Espie are experts in the subject matter and in engaging all participants into being active learners". - Tim

"Lots of useful frameworks and the models can be used straight away. Very nice to have practice with peers". - Luke

"I thought it was a great programme and I learnt a lot. Some of the ideas and topics were completely new to me and I liked how engaging the sessions were". - John

.“It was so nice to have professional development delivered by a true subject matter expert. I also loved the opportunity to practice some coaching skills in a safe place.”

“The most valuable aspect of this workshop was recognising the role Coaching plays in supporting change.”

“I intend to apply what I’ve learned by being more conscious of using open-ended questions and remembering how this positively changes the tone of the conversation.”

“This workshop was the single most useful piece of PD training I have engaged in over the past three years.”


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