Certificate in Coaching for Transformation Program Details

Coach Training Program Delivery

The Certificate in Coaching for Transformation consists of coaching theory, discussion and practice. A minimum of 50% of the course involves practical application of the theory and coaching skills with an emphasis on personal growth and transformation.

Each class is structured and focused within a relaxed and flexible learning environment. Our trainers understand individual learning preferences and are dedicated to ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment.

A maximum of 8 trainees per course allows valuable time for trainers to provide feedback and coach through any challenges that may arise.

Program dates:

Trainees are required to attend all 16 days of the course.

Course Dates:

    Become an ICF Credentialed Coach

    At the completion of the Coaching for Transformation program you will have 86 Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). This will allow you to apply for ICF membership and ACC credentialing with the ICF. An ICF ACSTH Certificate in Coaching for Transformation is provided when all requirements of the course have been met.


    Coach Training Modules Overview

    Each module consists of coaching theory, discussion and coaching practice aligned with the International Coach Federation's Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. The following is an outline of the programme. 

    Day One

    • Building Rapport and Trust
    • Whole Listening

    Day Two

    • Developing Presence
    • Asking Powerful Questions

    Day Three

    • Values in Coaching
    • Coaching Skills

    Day Four

    • Agendas in Coaching
    • Life Balance

    Day Five

    • Strengths, Skills and Talents
    • The Coaching Environment​

    Day Six

    • NZIC’s Coaching Model and Structure

    Day Seven

    • Boundaries in Coaching

    Day Eight

    • Planning and Goal Setting
    • Self-Management in Coaching

    Day Nine

    • Working with Self-Sabotage

    Day Ten

    • Coaching for Beliefs
    • Perception and Perspective

    Day Eleven

    • Comfort Zones and Growth

    Day Twelve

    • Coaching for Stress
    • Change and Transition

    Day Thirteen

    • Behavioural Patterns

    Day Fourteen

    • Decision Making

    Day Fifteen

    • Leadership Coaching

    Day Sixteen

    • Themes and Ethics in Coaching

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