Coaching with Anna

ICF Professional Coach, Educator, Mentor and Supervisor

I work with growth-focused people who wish to live and lead with intention, who have a desire to build authentic connections, and who are open to developing their own self-awareness to become skilful at bringing out the best in themselves and others.

Drawing on neuroscience and mindfulness to cultivate calm and clarity, personal insight and confidence, I support you to uncover the answers and solutions to your challenges, and work with you to build your capacity to trust yourself and your decisions to create the life and work that you want.

Since 2003 I have provided consulting, mentoring and coaching services within corporate, education, private and non-profit sectors. I bring this experience along with current and relevant formal coaching qualifications and credentials.


 Why work with a coach?

Most people choose to work with a coach because they want something different - a change that will improve their life. When we engage with another person who has our best interests at heart, who sees us as resourceful and capable, and who provides non-judgemental support, we are empowered to achieve our goals and aspirations. 

Having someone in our corner prompting us to reflect on what we are thinking and saying, how we are being, and what we are doing, creates awareness. Awareness is the key to shifts in thinking and behaving.

We gain insight by uncovering our own answers and thinking about our challenges from a different perspective. The coach provokes thought by listening deeply, asking skilful questions, being fully present, reflecting and clarifying.

Whether you are struggling with life and work challenges and want things to get a whole lot better, or you are already successful and want to find your edge, coaching provides an opportunity for you to make your chosen changes.

The benefits of a coaching relationship:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself  
  • Appreciate and utilise your strengths 
  • Manage stress and adversity more effectively
  • Find purpose and fulfilment
  • Gain more control over life and work
  • Set and achieve realistic but challenging goals
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Feel more confident and assured
  • Make decisions with clarity and confidence 
  • Expand your creative energies
  • Transform limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Develop resilience
  • Build your individual brand 
  • Cultivate courage, and much more.

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"Working with Anna has provided me with an irrevocable amount of opportunity, exposure, and increased knowledge on how to situate myself in a career I truly desired."
- Monique A. Pearson

"I'm noticing subtle changes with wonderful results. Thank you for your gentle attentiveness, wisdom, and generosity. Your support is changing my life."
- H.B., Psychologist & Coach