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Self-Leadership Coaching

Self-Leadership Coaching

ICF Professional Certified Coach

Anna is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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This coaching can be accessed remotely, anywhere in the world.

Coaching with Anna

Anna is a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF

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Self-Leadership - the first stage of leadership

Self-leadership is having a developed sense of yourself and how you lead your own life.

It is the ability to consciously influence your own thoughts, emotions and behaviour to reach your goals and perform to your personal best.

Know Yourself to Lead Others

Before you can lead others effectively you must be able to lead yourself and understand what you do, why you do it, and how you do it.

Self-leadership is about developing increased self-awareness. It involves being aware of your purpose and being grounded in your own sense of self, and identifying and guiding yourself towards the experiences you find meaningful. With a strong and authentic personal brand you are empowered to influence, inspire and lead others with confidence.

The basis to developing confidence as a leader comes from asking and reflecting on some fundamental self-identity questions such as:

  • What are my unique talents?
  • What truly matters to me?
  • How do I show up professionally and personally?
  • What is my vision?

If you want to achieve your true potential and become the leader you aspire to be, the starting point is being aware of who you are.

Self-awareness is the key to effective leadership. It can involve:

  • Clarifying and being true to your values
  • Defining your purpose 
  • Creating your vision 
  • Understanding your strengths, talents and skills
  • Becoming more focused and intentional
  • Building emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Developing resilience to manage stress
  • Successfully navigating change and transition 
  • Facing fear with action (being courageous)
  • Shifting limiting beliefs 
  • Changing destructive or unhelpful cycles of behaviour
  • Making wise decisions and taking meaningful actions
  • Bringing your authentic self to both life and work

     Contact Anna for a complimentary and confidential conversation about your leadership goals. 

     "Anna allowed me to cut through the ‘noise’ and pressures of modern work life, and discover what matters most to me, what I want to achieve, and how to get there".
    - Peter Hall, Director, Peter Hall Planning Ltd.

    "Coaching has really helped me level up and couldn't have come at a better time as I've navigated through all the new challenges since becoming a manager. Your help and support has been invaluable and will serve me well going forward"
    - Keegan Shore, UK Customer Team Lead, Timely Ltd. 

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      Coaching with Anna de Valk

      I have 19 years’ experience in consulting, mentoring and coaching within corporate, education, private and non-profit sectors, along with current and relevant formal coaching qualifications and credentials. I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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