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Coaching for Transformation - Coach Training Program

Coaching for Transformation - Coach Training Program

ICF Accredited Coaches

Our educators are all credentialed coaches with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

ICF Accredited Training Course

This Coach Training Program is accredited by the ICF, and designed for people who aspire to become confident and successful coaches.

ICF ACSTH / Level 1

Accredited ICF Level 1 Coach-Specific Training Hours

Online Training Course

This course can be completed from anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.

Small Group Training

In alignment with our values and our commitment to deliver quality training, with an emphasis on personal development and coaching experiences, our coach training takes place in small groups for a high level of personal attention. 

Community & Networking

We support our coaches with opportunities to maintain established connections and collaborate with peers for enhanced growth, learning and visibility.

Become a professional coach with an internationally recognised qualification in Coaching for Transformation

ICF Certification: Our ICF accredited coach training education program equips you with the skills to empower individuals to achieve their goals and make their identified changes for more fulfilling and meaningful work and life experiences.

Comprehensive Curriculum: This online, live, and interactive program offers you the opportunity to become a confident and skilled coach with a sound understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and Ethics, along with coaching models, concepts, and techniques to support individuals and groups to create sustainable change.

Hands-on Experience: Our approach to training is aligned with the practice of coaching. We engage participants in discussion, experiment with new awareness and skills, and reflect on what we learn. Each day of the program involves participant interaction and practice.

Personalised Support: Small groups and facilitator attention promote trust and safety, supporting coaches to extend themselves, build confidence, increase engagement and accountability, and build relationships. 

Personal Development: We believe coaches must continue to build their own personal awareness to provide the best value to their clients. Because of this we weave the learning of coaching skills with your own personal insights and awareness as a coach to increase your capacity to positively impact the lives of others.

Industry Recognition: Our ICF accredited coach training program offers you a pathway to become an internationally credentialed coach. As a credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation, you will join over 60,000 members in more than 150 countries worldwide and enjoy the benefits of instant credibility and increased visibility as a coach who has met stringent education and experience requirements. This program is delivered in English.

Contact Anna to learn more and register your interest in future programs.

February - June 2025 Program Dates:
14 February - 14 June 2025 (see link below for the schedule)

Dates and Times: 
1 Friday and 9 Saturdays - Program Content 8.30am - 1.30pm
4 Saturdays - Group Mentoring 8.30am - 10.30am

NZD$6200.00 (ex GST) 

Location: Virtual learning environment via zoom

This program includes:

75 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (Level 1):

This program provides you with:

  • Accredited ICF Coach Education that meets the requirements to apply for an ICF ACC Credential
  • An internationally recognised coaching qualification
  • Experienced facilitators who are practicing ICF credentialed coaches to provide personal feedback and support
  • Small groups - maximum of 10 students per cohort
  • 10 Student Manuals containing content covered for each day of the program

    Learning Outcomes

    You will develop the skills of:

    • Listening at a deep level; receiving information from all of your senses
    • Using powerful questions to facilitate client awareness and insight
    • Building strong and authentic relationships with clients
    • Partnering with your client in full presence
    • Promoting client accountability and progress
    • Being comfortable with emotions and feelings
    • Using direct communication
    • Describing the neuroscience aspects of coaching
    • Applying the ICF Core Competencies and the Code of Ethics effectively

    And be able to:

    • Coach with and without tools
    • Have a coaching conversation at anytime, anywhere
    • Work with client insights for maximum benefit
    • Coach for clarity and client-centred outcomes
    • Work with clients at various levels and stages
    • Extend your impact as a professional coach

    Who this program is for:

    • Individuals seeking to establish their own professional coaching practice
    • Professionals looking to enhance their existing skillset through coaching
    • Managers, leaders, aspiring leaders and executives who require greater personal and professional effectiveness in their role
    • Individuals who want to apply more effective communication and interpersonal skills personally and professionally
    • Coaches who want to refresh their coaching skills and gain an ICF credential

    The Coaching for Transformation program is anchored in the ICF Core Competences and Code of Ethics. The NZIC Coaching Model supports a robust yet flexible structure in which to work with clients, ensuring each coaching session provides valuable outcomes.

    Coaches learn to extend their capacity to deliver impactful coaching through hands-on practice and experience while receiving valuable in-the-moment peer and facilitator feedback to expand the coach's awareness and skill level.

    NZIC is an Accredited ICF Provider of 75 hours of Coach Education in the program 'Coaching for Transformation'.

    Student coaches who complete the Coaching for Transformation program will complete their 10 hours of Mentoring and their Level 1 Evaluation with NZIC to receive their Level 1 Certificate. This offers a streamlined process for ICF ACC credentialing.

    Pathway to Credentialing with the International Coaching Federation

    At the completion of the Coaching for Transformation program you will have 75 Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH/Level 1). This will allow you to apply for ICF membership and ACC credentialing with the ICF. An ICF ACSTH/Level 1 Certificate in Coaching for Transformation is provided when all requirements of the program have been met.

    Business Building Support

    At the successful completion of the Coaching for Transformation program participants have the opportunity to register for the Build Your Coaching Business, where the focus is on defining your coaching identity, identifying your niche, and understanding how to attract your preferred clients. 

    Time Commitment

    An average of 2-3 hours per week is required to complete self-study readings and exercises outside of the group training days. Optional Extra Material is available for those who wish to do more. 


    Participants are required to have some work experience and the ability to undertake study at the equivalent and higher of Level 6-7 NZQA Standards (this is Diploma level).  

    This program consists of theory and practice. It requires students to engage fully in class, complete weekly self-study, and practice and reflect on their skills with one pro bono client. Students are required to pass a written Open-Book Test and a Final Evaluation to receive the ICF Level One Certificate.

    Lifetime Access and Ongoing Alumni Support

    Our alumni enjoy ongoing support, lifetime access to our resources, and networking opportunities to stay connected and continue their professional development.

    What our Alumni say

    "The facilitators were flexible, on task, reliable, timely, professional but also down to earth. They led us well, and in effect were the best role models to a group of aspiring coaches. Everybody was treated equally, and different personalities were catered for seamlessly; we were neither judged nor assumed, we were known and respected, we were challenged and encouraged, loved and nurtured."
    - Julie Phillips, ICF Certified Coach

    "I came out of this programme knowing what good professional coaching is, empowered to be a coach and confident in continuing my own journey to building a professional coaching practice and achieving ICF certification. Thank you!" - Shane Hastie, Global Delivery Lead, SoftEd, ICF Certified Coach

    "The most supportive group environment I've been part of for a long time. All of the instructors were knowledgeable and responsive. I especially valued the written feedback received from tutors during the programme".
    - Amanda Timana, Senior Manager People - Airports, ICF Certified Coach

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    • ICF Level 1

      At completion of NZIC's Coaching for Transformation Program you will have 75 ICF-Accredited Coaching Education Hours. Coaching education is part of the ICF's requirements to apply for your ACC Credential.

    • ICF Accredited Organisation

      Coaching for Transformation is an ICF-Accredited Coaching Education Program. This course provides you with the skills to empower individuals to achieve their goals and create more fulfilment and meaning in work and life.

      Our facilitators are all credentialed coaches with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

    • ICF - Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (Level 1)

      Level 1 Coaching Education is a pathway to your ACC Credential with the ICF.
      NZIC's Coaching for Transformation Program provides 75 ICF-Accredited Coaching Education Hours.