6 Tips for Building Resilience

6 Tips for Building Resilience

1. Learn to trust yourself - self-confidence is a trust in our abilities, qualities and judgement. It's also a belief that we can face challenges and rise above them. Trust that you are capable of overcoming challenges as they arise. 

2. Create a personal vision - a personal vision provides clarity around our life and work direction, as well as our purpose.  Becoming really clear on our purpose and passion helps navigate the sticky situations because we know there is a bigger picture.

3. Practice being flexible and adaptable - responding and adapting to change is a constant. When we accept the world as a place of change we become less resistant to things that are out of our control. Being flexible reduces stress and forms resilience.

4. Solve problems proactively - this is a key component to resilience. An attitude of determination, open-mindedness and creativity helps us resolve problems.  We do this by getting clear on the issue, creating plans around it, and taking action steps to begin making progress.

5. Be organised - structures and routines are known to create order. Order allows us to focus on important issues. Routines are important for functioning at optimum levels.

6. Set boundaries - being specific about what we accept from others as suitable treatment and behaviour defines our boundaries. Clarifying limits and articulating these parameters ensures healthy relationships. The ability to stand strong on our beliefs builds confidence and resilience.


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