Are Your Goals Keeping You Stuck?

Are Your Goals Keeping You Stuck?

The very intention of setting goals is to move forward and achieve something we desire or believe will make our lives better in some way. Yet all too often our goals don’t deliver as we expect them to. What starts off as an actionable and achievable goal can quickly turn to stress, pressure or overwhelm.

So What’s Not Working?

  • Are we more focused on the end result rather than the adventure?
  • Are we missing the vision and the bigger picture?
  • Are we ignoring what energises and engages us?
  • Are we doing it for reasons that simply aren't our own?
  • Are we hiding the truth from ourselves about what we really want?
  • Are we aligning our goals with who we think we are instead of who we actually are?
  • Are we working with a set of values that don't feel authentic?

In over 15 years of working with people who desire to make changes in their lives the one missing link I’ve noticed is self-awareness. People with a high level of self-awareness achieve their goals because they are connected to them in real and purposeful ways.

How Self-Awareness Moves us Forward

Self-awareness allows us to clarify our vision, engage in what energises us, be honest and real, and operate from a values system that supports our goals being reached.

Self-awareness is the key to defining the outcomes we want in our lives, and taking the steps that will get us there. How can we know what we want if we don’t know who we are?

To set and achieve meaningful goals we need to broaden our awareness of who we are, what we want, and where we are heading. Goals based on deep self-awareness are more likely to fulfill long term.

When we apply a deeper self-knowledge to our goals we remove conscious and subconscious resistance and inner conflict; we stay on track and gain momentum.

Next time you think about setting a goal try answering these questions. Allow plenty of time to reflect and be clear on what’s realty true for you and be honest with yourself.


Ask deeper questions about yourself:

  • What’s important to me right now?

  • Who am I being and am I ok with that?

  • How do I truly want to be as a person?

  • What am I really capable of?

  • What energises and drives me?

  • Who do I want to become?


Ask deeper questions about your goal:

  • How important is this goal to me right now?

  • How will this goal support who I want to be?

  • Does this goal satisfy my capabilities?

  • What will this goal actually give me?

  • How will this goal contribute to fulfilling my life dreams?

  • How does this goal energise me?

  • What’s the purpose and meaning underneath this goal?

  • How will pursuing this goal enhance my life on a daily basis?

  • How does this goal align with my personal values?


 Other Tips on Goal Setting:

  • Dare to live authentically – acknowledge your dreams and be true to yourself. If your goals are tied to a lifestyle or ‘way of being’ you’re not happy with don’t simply add another layer to the mix.

  • Be flexible - goals can change, they’re not set in stone. If you climb part way up a mountain and happen to see a better mountain from your lookout spot, there’s nothing stopping you from changing your plan!

  • Consider failure as just more knowledge - without our failures our successes wouldn’t be anywhere near as rewarding.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others - nothing is more soul destroying than measuring your life against someone else. No one's path will be the same, treasure your own path and be grateful for your own life experiences.

  • Connect your goal to your purpose – however large or small your goal check that it syncs with what motivates and energises you.  

  • Celebrate small steps - enjoy the process and be present in your experiences as they occur; don’t rush it.


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