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Coaching is a partnership where we work together to explore issues important to you and create possibilities for the future you want.  We are equals in the relationship - you are the expert of you, and you are always in the driver's seat. My role as your co-driver is to work with a process that will bring about the results you want.

Our work together is thought-provoking and awareness building in a non-judgmental, confidential and safe environment with a focus on the outcomes you want to achieve. We explore and bring effective action to the challenges you are experiencing and the goals you have for yourself.

"Coaching is a thinking partnership where the coach brings neutral curiosity to the client's challenges and opportunities and invites the client to consider new perspectives for clarity and awareness" - Anna de Valk

 To learn more about my coaching style, my values, and coaching with me, go to Coaching with Anna 

  • As Leadership Coaches

    We support individuals with increased self-awareness and an amplified ability to lead others with authenticity, transparency and collaboration.

  • ICF Accredited Coaches

    ​Our Coach Education Programme is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, which is considered the Gold Standard in Coaching. The International Coach Federation pursues excellence in coaching. Our Coaches are ICF Certified Coaches.

  • Supporting Leaders to Coach

    We support leaders and managers to develop coaching skills for authentic leadership that builds collaborative, connected and innovative workplaces and brings out the best in their people.  

Coaching with Anna

My coaching style is holistic; drawing on neuroscience and mindfulness to cultivate calm and clarity, personal insight and confidence, I support you to uncover the answers and solutions to your challenges, and work with you to build your capacity to trust yourself and your decisions to create the life and work that you want.

I have over 18 years’ experience in consulting, mentoring and coaching within corporate, education, private and non-profit sectors, along with current and relevant formal coaching qualifications and credentials.

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