Professional Coaching

Supporting you to achieve your career, life & leadership ambitions

Coaching is focused on maximising your personal and professional potential. It provides an opportunity for you to gain clarity about your work and life goals, understand what's required to achieve these, and take the steps to make them happen. 

Together we form a partnership where we co-create the future you want; one that is inspiring and relevant to you. Coaching brings about a deeper personal understanding of who you are and what gives you purpose. With these insights you are empowered to make changes that are meaningful to you and essential for your chosen success.



Professional Coaching with Anna de Valk

I've been coaching since 2011 and have worked with clients in consulting, career counselling and mentoring roles for over twenty years. For fifteen of those years I specialised in career management and development.

My coaching style is focused yet relaxed. I trust that every person has the answers and solutions to their challenges within themselves. I support you to uncover your own answers and build capacity to trust yourself and your decisions. 

I may be the coach for you if: 

  • you are proactive and motivated to create the life and work you want for yourself
  • you are open to exploring new ways of doing things
  • you can make a commitment and trust the process
  • you feel there is more that life has to offer you.

Contact me for a chat to discuss your future possibilities.

"Working with Anna has provided me with an irrevocable amount of opportunity, exposure, and increased knowledge on how to situate myself in a career I truly desired".
- Monique A. Pearson, General Manager, Rutherford Rede

"I'm noticing subtle changes with wonderful results. Thank you for your gentle attentiveness, wisdom, and generosity. Your support is changing my life".
- H.B., Psychologist & Coach